Hello there, and welcome to a bit of optimism

Posted on: October 1, 2008

So, why is this blog here? Well… Lisa and I got a bit sick of the whole negativity of the recession, and how there really isn’t anyone saying “Ah, it’ll be grand lads, it’s just a bit of a blip!”.

(11:35:22 PM) Lisa: it feels like were going downhill either way
(11:35:41 PM) Lisa: i havent heard anyone say or write anything optimisitic
(11:35:57 PM) Lisa: a bit of “oh this will blow over”would be nice!
(11:36:02 PM) Conor P: Yeah!
(11:36:12 PM) Conor P: Let’s make an optimistic blog!
(11:36:16 PM) Lisa: yeah!!

Us Irish are awful for our pessimism! So, knowing in our heart of hearts that it’s all fake and made up and stuff (oh yes, we’ve heard the rumours and will talk about that loads), we decided to combat the overwhelming pessimism of the financial world by bashing out some more humourous ideas every now and again. Actually, for me, The Daily Show makes me laugh about all of it. Which is always good. So, drop by every now and again, sign up to the RSS feed, or send us an e-mail (dontpanicitsallfake[at]gmail[dot]com). And really, don’t panic. Sure, we’ve been through a fair few recessions before, and we’ve got through it all fine.

Hope you enjoy it,

Conor & Lisa.

Photo owned by deardarling, (cc)


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